Candidacy- CR Board of Trustees

My name is Dan Kelley and I am officially announcing my bid for board membership with the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees as a representative for Area 2.

I am competing for a seat on the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees because I have the experience and skills necessary to lead College of the Redwoods and the students it serves forward. I will be a strong and committed steward of CR resources and values.

If you vote for me, you will be choosing a pragmatic leader, strategic thinker, and successful small business owner excited to work with other board members to solve CR’s most difficult challenges. I understand the power of strong negotiation, and compromise. I have used my 23 years of leadership skills to help many business and academic teams solve complicated and expensive problems using creativity, collaboration, and team work. I will be that Board member who will bring a fresh perspective and the ability to unlock new solutions to CR’s old problems.

My own career in technology was built using affordable community education systems, which help students avoid massive amounts of long term debt. Students at community colleges can take great pride in “making it” on their own. As a Board member, I will fight to make sure all CR students can achieve their educational aspirations without huge debt weighing them down for decades. Now, as a father of four, I have an even greater understanding of the stresses many parents and students feel as they face the obstacles of obtaining higher education.

CR provided my wife, who grew up in Loleta and Fortuna, the foundation for her post secondary education that would eventually lead her through medical school at USC. My wife and I moved to Hydesville to be close to family, to provide our children a better way of life with rural community values, and so that my wife can practice affordable healthcare.

College of the Redwoods has been good to our family and now it is my turn to give back

I believe in the American Dream. I also believe that affordable education and hard work are the foundations for a strong democracy. Local community education programs are at risk like never before. I want to help ensure security and success for the students of CR. I will strive for a cooperative and effective relationship between the community, the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and students to achieve that end.